The Chronicle in Europe

The excellent protectors were initially for a small community by word of mouth available.

But very quickly the good qualities and advantages talked about, and the Maltese products spread increasingly in the US-American market.

Hockey combines and so it happened that a certain Sean Whaley brought the products to Germany. As a goalkeeper he himself played the Maltese combo and then introduced the products in the home team in a Trier.

End of 2011 it managed Maltese sport then across the pond to Europe. Shipments from the United States directly to the players were consuming and expensive for both sides. To provide hockey players these products and good service near here, a central distribution was quickly installed.

In further steps, the entire administration for the European area and also Asia and Africa was placed under the Directorate in Europe.

In the third year, 2014, is Maltese Sports Europe presented in a new online design and is available through the social networks closer to the players to be faster, more focused and more readily available.